I teach people how they can integrate conscious breathing, mindfulness & photography into their daily lives.

After I got my degree in philosophy, about 15 years ago, I started experiencing auto-immune issues on top of the anxiety I was already dealing with. I took it upon myself to expand my knowledge of both mental & physical health in hopes of finding some relief. It was a long journey but I managed to heal myself. With an animal based elimination diet I managed to fix my gut. Breathwork & mindfulness did wonders for my anxiety. While generally not seen as a mindfulness practice, photography became my mindfulness exercise of choice.

After working in the Music Industry & living in a busy city for most of my adult life I decided to switch things up. I quit my job, started travelling and got certified as a Breathwork coach. I’ve now settled in the North of Sweden where everything moves at a slower, more comfortable, pace. Since most of you are bound to the fast life, I hope I can offer you a couple moments of that much needed slowness. Sometimes you just need a deep breath (or a photograph) to get you through the day.

I’m currently training to become a certified yin yoga teacher.